Ladderless window cleaning with a pole

Ladderless Window Cleaning in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands

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Our ladderless window cleaning equipment means we can offer you a pure water fed pole window cleaning service at no extra charge.

This water fed pole window cleaning system is the most modern up to date way to clean your windows and solar panels. Get in touch with Roger Needle Ltd in Birmingham for more details.

Better cleaning results

Our ladderless window cleaning system only uses 100% pure de-ionised water, this mean that no dirty water from other windows comes into contact with the windows our team are currently cleaning. This allows for a more intensive clean of your windows, as no streaks are left behind from chemicals.

Environmentally friendly

Due to the fact that our ladderless window cleaning system only uses 100% pure de-ionised water no detergents or chemicals enter into the soil or get washed into streams and rivers from our cleaning. If you are a business owner this also helps your business to operate more freely and in compliance with EU regulations.

Allows conservatory roofs to be cleaned

Due to the fact that most conservatory roofs are unable to be cleaned properly, by manual window cleaning methods, and that if they do, you as the occupier have to make sure that it is legally safe according to the 2005 Working at Height legislation, it means that other methods of window cleaning can either be ineffective or time consuming on your conservatory roof. With our ladderless window cleaning equipment, all conservatory roofs can be cleaned thoroughly due to the fact that the cleaning is carried out on the ground. It also means that you do not have to waste time double checking that our window cleaners are operating within the boundary of the Health and Safety legislation.

Allows hard to reach windows to be cleaned

We can clean hard to reach windows that Health and Safety legislation would prevent us from being able to do otherwise, by eliminating the use of ladders. If you run a business our approach also allows us to minimise the disruption to you and your staff during the day as none of our staff have to climb past windows where your staff are working. We can clean up to a massive 55 feet, roughly 6 storeys.

Meets Working at Height legislation

The 2005 Working at Height legislation means that you, as the owner or occupier of a building, are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to Health and Safety legislation. Our heated ladderless window cleaning system allows us to get rid of the need for ladders in our cleaning, ensuring that you are legally safe from any injuries that may occur from falls.

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