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Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Birmingham and the West Midlands

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Your guttering should ideally be cleaned at least once a year, as a build up of water from a blocked gutter can overflow into your property causing a lot of damage, the cost of which would be considerable to fix. Get in touch with Roger Needle Ltd in Birmingham for regular gutter maintenance services, and help reduce costs over time.

"Found the service excellent, staff are very friendly and efficient. Excellent service from the gutter team, would highly recommend this service."
- AliceW-135.

"Excellent job on guttering and very competitive price. Highly recommend."

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Gutter maintenance

Along with gutter cleaning we can also carry out gutter maintenance duties, and we are able to replace faulty brackets and joints as we keep a range of spares, which will suit most types of guttering. As well as being able to replace gutter brackets, we can seal leaking gutter joints enabling us to offer you a complete gutter maintenance service.

Do I need to take into account any EU regulations?

Our gutter cleaning service is ideal for cleaning your guttering from the ground. This gives exceptional cleaning results as our service uses a powerful gutter vacuum especially designed for gutter cleaning and not traditional water jets. This means that no environmentally unfriendly chemicals are used on your gutters whilst they are being cleaned. As a result you do not need to take into account the EU legislation over chemicals being released into the environment during cleaning with our gutter cleaning company.

How do you clean my guttering?

Our gutter cleaning company is able to provide you with effective gutter cleaning services up to a massive 40 feet high, as the pictures below demonstrate. These photographs are of our ladderless gutter cleaning service in action on some of our current clients' roofs. These pictures show us using the latest ladderless cyclone purpose-built gutter cleaning vacuum. This cyclone ladderless gutter cleaner has a camera fitted to a colour monitor which has the facility to save photographs before and after your guttering is cleaned by our trained cleaners. This allows you to see how effectively our cleaning company has cleaned your guttering from the safety of the ground.

How much will it cost for your gutter cleaners to clean my guttering?

Our gutter cleaning company is able to offer you an appointment service and prices start from only £40 – depending on the size and location of your property in Birmingham.

You do not need to worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation

Our professional uniformed gutter cleaners use the latest gutter cleaning vacuum. As a result you do not have to worry about the 2005 Working at Height legislation. This benefits you because this legislation means that as the owner or occupier of a building you are responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conforms to the latest Health and Safety regulations. If you do not ensure a cleaning operative performs to the latest legislation and the gutter cleaner were to fall from a height while cleaning your guttering you are liable. Our company does not use ladders for gutter cleaning, instead we clean from the ground, which significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Get your Guttering looking like new again and stop it from overflowing

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